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Tab Colors in iTerm2 v1.0

Version 1.0 of iTerm2 for OS X was recently released. They removed one of my favorite features: tab coloring. You used to be able to right click on a tab to change its color. For example, I changed the tab with my ssh connection to our production server would be red and the tab with the ssh connection to our test server would be green.

I looked into it, and there is a way to set the tab color from the command line itself. This turns out to be much more helpful because I can add the following lines to my bash profile:

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Creating an API Endpoint in WordPress

It turns out that creating an endpiont for an API in WordPress is super easy. Use cases for such a plugin include:

  • Add new posts from an external application
  • Request data from WordPress such as a feed of latest posts

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Reminiscing about the history of the <script> tag ritual

When JavaScript was first introduced, browsers treated the contents of script tags as regular content. To be Netscape 1.0 compatible, you had to add HTML comments. Even though the comments became unnecessary in the mid 1990s, they are STILL used in many places around the web today.

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Simple and Effective Fix for the WordPress wpautop() Madness

You may be familiar with the problems related to WordPress wpautop() function. The most notable problem is that your WordPress pages will leave you with empty paragraphs. The empty paragraphs can't be removed by simply removing <p></p> with a find and replace. It turns out that the result HTML doesn't actually have <p></p>. But the empty paragrapsh do show up in the DOM tree.

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Git Tips via Ryan Florence

I had a dumb question I asked on the Utah JS Google Group here Ryan Florence answered with some super helpful git tips:

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Chrome V8 Creators: `with` and `delete` are "Dog Slow"

On a recent podcast the creators of Chrome's V8 JavaScript Engine, Lars Bak and Kasper Lund, discussed some of the challenges of writing a JavaScript compiler. They cautioned that using with or delete is "dog slow". When you use with, V8 has to wait until run time to resolve the scope chain. When you use delete V8 has to transform your object from a highly-optimized class structure into a slower hash table.

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Database Sessions with CakePHP 1.3 in 1 minute

Enabling database sessions with CakePHP 1.3 is super easy. But first I want to cover a few reasons that I know of where you need sessions stored in the database: load-balanced environments and PHP file-locking issues.

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I Switched from Windows 7 to OS X Lion

I made the switch from Windows 7 to Mac OSX (Lion) for my development laptop. I got a new job and my boss asked me what kind of laptop I wanted to buy. I heard so many of my friends and bloggers talk about how OSX is the ultimate platform for Web Developers. I decided to take the plunge.

I want to report on my progress. First I'll start with the software I'm using.

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