Show Me Your Web Presence

Your web-development resume should list web sites you've work on--your portfolio. Put links to sites and a description of what part you did yourself. Did you do the graphic design? Front end? Backend? Some specific feature?

Once you present a some good portfolio web sites, the next step is to show your general web presence. The following are great things to list on your resume:

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CakePHP Session Cookie Path

In CakePHP I needed a way to have an app at "/app" but be able to share session data with another app. The easiest way is to set the Session Cookie path to "/". The problem is that Cake sets the session cookie to the base path--in this case "/app". There is no setting to override this behavior. But I discovered that if you start the session yourself, you can specify "/". Here is the code.

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Avoiding Resume Hell

In the last year, I've been reviewing dozens of resumes for a PHP Programmer position. I only see the resumes of those who passed our technical recruiter's initial screening. It is appalling how many resumes are just BAD.

Here are some simple things that will tell me exactly what I want to know.

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5 Common Ways to Abuse jQuery

jQuery is great. It is powerful and quick. But with any power comes abuse. Here are some common ways to jQuery is abused.

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Nodejs File Commands - 1 Minute Tutorial

Check out my article on Nodejs file commands over at, the JavaScript Users Group of Utah.

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Ask Your Interviewer

My friend Nate had some excellent advice about finding the right job: ask the interviewer some key questions. The following are some suggestions that can help you see behind the company's curtain so to speak. We both worked at a place where red flags would fly if you asked these questions.

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How Well Does Your Browser Support HTML5?

Niels Leenheer has created an interesting script to detect browser support for HTML5. Try it here. By HTML5, we mean the new HTML and JavaScript standards that are pushing the web to the next level.

These are results from browsers on my Windows Vista machine:


Feel free to leave your results in the comments.

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HTML5 Facts and Buzz

What is HTML5 really? Peter Paul Koch concludes that HTML5 means whatever you want it to mean. He quotes Jeff Croft:

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FOSS and Drug Dealing

FOSS. Free and Open Source Software.

Many argue against FOSS saying that Developers should get paid for their work. First of all, "Free" does not mean zero dollars. And second of all, you are short sighted if you think selling code is the only way programmers are paid.

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Laptop Keyboards Compared

I have used a laptop for everyday web development most of my career. I am a keyboard snob. A huge keyboard snob.

My favorite keyboard of all time is the classic IBM keyboard:

IBM Keyboard

But no laptop keyboards even come close. In fact, it has been a fad over the last few years to put a 10-key pad on the laptop! How mind-numbingly stupid! I decided to design my own "programmer" laptop. I found the following to be important.

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