OSX UI Philosophy

Apple sure does have a unique philosophy of minimalism for their UIs. I used a Mac today for about 3 hours to do some simple Photoshop stuff at work. I was surprised by some of their UI design choices that diverge so much with Windows and Linux. Here are my thoughts.

I definitely enjoy the Windows/Linux utilitarian approach over OSX’s simplicy approach. I was particularly irked when there was no easy way to rake through a folder of 64 images to find out which 6 were 180×20 instead of 180×19.

Windows & Linux OSX
Application Windows Encapsulation:
Windows are logically “contained” within the parent application.
Visibility & Consistency:
Windows are always visible and the application menu is always at the very top of the screen.
Application Switching Taskbar:
A list of running programs displayed on a bar.
Visual Index:
A visual display of a small version of each open window.
Window Resizing Utilitarian:
Windows can be resized from any side, or, within a larger target in the lower-right-hand corner.
Windows are only resized via a small icon in the lower-right-hand corner.
Returning to Parent Folder in File List Always available:
Filesystem feels like a hierarchy.
Available only in columnar view:
Each view is designed for basically one thing. Filesystem feels like an index of favorites.
Document Icons Icons and some previews:
Most documents have a general icon. Icons are clickable in the entire square they reside (e.g. 32px by 32px).
Document previews are generated as much as possible. Icons are clickable only on the preview itself. (I was working with some icons for short and wide images and the icons were a bit difficult to select!)
File Renaming and Deleting Common operations:
F2, type, enter. Del.
Prevent accidental actions:
Cmd + I, click, type, close window. Cmd + Del.
Image Sizes Severally available:
Available in list view and in document summary.
Use an app:
Not available from the OS?

Perhaps my preference is deeply embedded in my roots of DOS, Windows and Linux. I am probably being a bit arrogant to compare a system I’ve used for tens of thousands of hours to one I’ve used for three :P