Will Mobile Devices Make Flash Stronger?

Yesterday I was playing Flash games with my 5 year old on our Ubuntu desktop. As you may know, Flash support on Linux is dismal. Specifically I was using the Adobe plugin on Firefox 3.6 in Ubuntu 9.10 with a powerful NVIDIA GeForce 9600-series graphics card and a speedy Intel Core2 Duo. We played games on flonga.com.

Here are some of the problems that made games unplayable:

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Windows vs. Linux (Again)

I use Linux on my home computer and Windows on my work computer. Sometimes I hate to admit it, but there are a lot of good things about Windows. By windows I mean WinXP and Win7.  As for Linux, I particularly mean Ubuntu 9.04.

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Google Plays Poker

I left the following comment on the blog entry titled "Chrome OS Factsheet, Why its Relevant and Irrelevant" on taranfx.com.
I must rebut some of your points on irrelevance.

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I Love You, Sun

I installed Sun's VirtualBox 3.0 last week. I'm in love.

As of last week, I have no dual boot. Yay! No more juggling partitions. No more fiddling with NTFS from Linux or EXT3/4 from Windows. No more waiting for full restarts. I'm always in Ubuntu and run Windows 7 on top. It is great for a few programs my wife uses that don't work under wine.

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A One-Question Job Interview

Interesting article on the perfect interview question.

When reviewing somebody else's code, what is it that you usually find most disturbing?

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