Monthly Archives: August 2009

Windows vs. Linux (Again)

  • Tortoise SVN
  • Don’t have to fiddle with hardware drivers
  • Aptana (Eclipse) works great
  • Notepad++
  • WAMP graphical Web Server Management
  • Easier to test IE on web apps
  • Enormous library of software available; lots of great games

Windows Pros:

Windows Cons:

  • Slow to boot and run; hangs regularly
  • Always memory leaking; need regular reboots
  • Needs reinstalling every year or so
  • The registry
  • Viruses, spyware, adware, malware
  • Crashes for no apparent reason
  • Must use Agent Ransack for file searches because Windows Search is a joke
  • Many programs don’t work in a 64-bit environment

Linux Pros:

  • 64-bit mode (w/ server headers) works flawlessly
  • Simple backups via rsync
  • Add/Remove programs and package management system is awesom
  • Manages RAM and CPU beautifully
  • Program config/settings are saved in home folder
  • Journalling File System (Ext4)
  • Feel secure; no viruses
  • Very fast file searches
  • Easy and effective to kill misbehaving programs
  • Compiz effects

Linux Cons:

  • Full screen Flash movies are terrible
  • Need to fiddle with drivers, esp. video drivers
  • Tricky to get the right video and audio codecs
  • Need to give my wife tutorials on occasion
  • I’ve never gotten Aptana or Eclipse to install correctly