Monthly Archives: September 2010

Ask Your Interviewer

My friend Nate had some excellent advice about finding the right job: ask the interviewer some key questions. The following are some suggestions that can help you see behind the company’s curtain so to speak. We both worked at a place where red flags would fly if you asked these questions.

  1. What channels exist for communicating new ideas and criticism?
  2. Can I meet your team? Then assess if the team enjoys their work.
  3. What technologies do you use? New technologies such as git, rails or capistrano may signal that the company is innovative and values their employees’ intelligence and problem solving–not just the skills on their resume.
  4. Can I see code samples? You can see if they are willing to give you some idea of the codebases you’ll be working on. And if their projects are rushed or well built.
  5. What is the deploy process? This can give you an idea how much of your time will be spent in deploy process overhead.