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App Thinning (iOS, watchOS) for iOS 9

iOS App Store for iOS 9.0 provides significant optimizations that allow users to download only the assets their device supports and to lazily download assets or data


The App Store and operating system optimize the installation of iOS and watchOS apps by tailoring app delivery to the capabilities of the user’s particular device, with minimal footprint. This optimization, called app thinning, lets you create apps that use the most device features, occupy minimum disk space, and accommodate future updates that can be applied by Apple. Faster downloads and more space for other apps and content provides a better user experience.

This chapter describes the three components of app thinning: slicing, bitcode, and on-demand resources.

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More Weight Doesn’t Mean More Wait

Improving perceived performance is about time to first render and not so much about time to download all assets


Formerly, much of the focus in web performance was concerned with optimizing assets like images and fonts, which does make for a shorter overall page load time. But today there are techniques we can use in addition to file optimization that have an arguably larger impact on how soon our users can see and use the content we’re delivering.


Evolution of Iphone’s operating system (iOS 1 – iOS 8)

Interesting dive into Apple design and technology by comparing each iOS version


iOS 8 is finally here along with the new Apple iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus. New APIs appears on scene, along with changes in design and Icons. Since the initial release of the first iPhone OS, a lot has changed with each subsequent release. Back in 2007, when the first iPhone was launched by Steve Jobs, it wasn’t called iOS but iPhone OS. This early operating system just had what we know today as the core apps — basics such as Safari, Mail, Maps, Notes, and a few others. And It had no App Store as well!!! It…

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WebIDE for Firefox OS Lands in Firefox Nightly

Code and debug a Firefox OS app within Firefox: all layout and styling, including the home screen, can be manipulated in the dev toolbar


Create, edit, and test a new Web application right from your browser. It lets you install and test apps on Firefox OS devices and simulators and integrates the Firefox Developer Tools for seamless debugging and inspection across those devices. This is a first step towards debugging across various platforms and devices over WiFi using ope

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