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PHP 7: 10 Things You Need to Know

PHP 7 boasts speeds faster than Facebook’s Hiphop VM, makes fatal error catchable, and allows type declarations


Are you a web developer or a website owner? Do your sites run on PHP-enabled CMS such as WordPress, Drupal, Joomla or Magento? Then I have good news for you: the feature-complete beta of the new PHP 7 was recently released. The 7.0.0 major release contains so many

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A walkthrough on methods on primitive types in PHP 7

Manipulating primitives in PHP 7 will be more straightforward


The likely most common complaint you get to hear about PHP is the inconsistent and unclear naming of functions in the standard library, as well as the equally inconsistent and unclear order of parameters. Some typical examples are strpos, str_replace, strcspn.

While this issue is often overemphasized (we do have IDEs), it is hard to deny that the situation is rather suboptimal. It should also be noted that many functions exhibit problems that go beyond having a weird name. Often edge-case behaviors were not properly considered, thus creating the need to specially handle them in the calling code. (For the string functions edge-cases usually involve empty strings or offsets that are at the very end of a string.)