Passwords From Hell

Your email password is the most important password. It links to your bank and any other sensitive info using the forgot password feature.

After reading the recent Lifehacker article How I’d Hack Your Weak Passwords I wanted to share my thoughts. I disagree on some points.

Tips on making your password hellish to crack:

  • Stay away from names and words altogether. Example: “Mike1”.
  • Avoid using Leetspeak (substituting letters with similar-looking numbers or symbols). Example “M1k3”. I disagree with Lifehacker’s suggestion to use Leetspeak.
  • If you type quickly, use a long password such as “MyFavoriteRocket” or even with spaces—”My Favorite Rocket”. Most password hacking tools stop at 14 characters.
  • Use a phrase without vowels. “A Penny Saved” could be “APnnySvd”
  • Add more variety by adding your favorite number in the middle: “APnny23Svd”
  • Alter the variety by holding down shift when entering the number: “[email protected]#Svd”
  • Use a simple pattern and theme for all your passwords. Maybe favorite book/movie titles or favorite actors.
  • Don’t use your email password for any other account. A hacker can use your email account to get passwords reset using a “Forgot Password” feature.