Pathetic Longing for Connection (x214)

For 214 calendar days, I was without Internet. The last day without Internat was May 19, 2009–the next day I started a new job. The CEO took all Internet access away “temporarily” under the guise of security. Until indirectly repremanded, I maintained several different day tallies at my desk as a silent protest.

Others’ protests included a wall plastered with desk-calendar pages and a paperclip chain with one paperclip each day. Eventually he converted the paperclip chain to a binary representation when he exhausted his paperclip supply. Yes, 214 days requires 8 bits worth of paperclips.

During that time I had little motivation for keeping up with personal coding projects and keeping up with friends after work. I never quite made the connection as to why that motivation left me, but now I realize operating in a disconnected world makes me feel out of the loop. Without 9 hours of connection every day, I feel like there is no time to “catch up” and make meaningful connections in the evening.

The result was more TV and pathetic longing for connection.

It is so refreshing to be back!