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V8 JavaScript Engine: V8 Release 4.9

Chrome 49 boasts 91% ES6 support


In V8 release 4.9 we shipped more JavaScript ES2015 features than in any other previous release, bringing us to 91% completion as measured by the Kangax compatibility table (as of January 26). V8 now supports destructuring, default parameters, Proxy objects, and the Reflect API.

Release 4.9 also makes block level constructs such as class and let available outside of strict mode and adds support for the sticky flag on regular expressions and customizable Object.prototype.toString output.

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Unforked: io.js v3 sets stage for Node.js merger

io.js v3 is essentially a beta release of Node.js v4 with significant updates including many ES6 features


Paul Krill writes:

Compatible with npm, io.js was spawned as a fork of Node.js late last year after disagreements arose over Node’s direction. Everything was smoothed over this spring, and the two factions, which had many of the same participants, agreed to reunite. “The governance of io.js and Node.js have already converged, all that is left is the technical side, and io.js v3 is a significant step towards completing it,” said Mikeal Rogers, who has served as a spokesman for io.js, in an email.

“Developers need to know about io.js v3 because it’s a significant change to the native side of the platform they’ll need to understand in order to prepare for Node.js v4,” Rogers said. He also noted version 3.0.0’s status as the likely last release line for the platform.

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Chrome Filmstrip & Improving Page Speed

Chrome has a hidden flag for capturing screenshots of your page at various stages of the page loading and rendering process


Damon Bauer writes:

You may have heard of the wonderful site, WebpageTest, when researching ways to improve your site performance. One of the most useful features (in my opinion) is the Filmstrip; it shows you incremental screenshots of the browser rendering your site, so you can see how quickly users are able to start consuming content. As of the past couple of months, you can enable similar functionality in Chrome!

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Google SoundScript: faster OOP for JavaScript

Chrome is toying with the idea of “use stricter” to allow significant speed improvements


Restrictions include no sparse arrays, ES6 class instances are sealed, and a few minor restrictions that have not yet been finalized.

Dr. Axel Rauschmayer summarizes:

Google is currently working on SoundScript, a way to speed up object-oriented programming in JavaScript. The content of this blog post is completely based on a recent talk by Dmitry Lomov. That is, everything I have written here is inferred from those slides and may or may not be correct.

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Pause and slow down CSS3 animations in Chrome Dev Tools

Chrome Canary gives you a sneak peak of dev tools for CSS3 animation


Visually debugging CSS animation just got a whole lot easier! We’ve needed better debugging tools (or any debugging tools, really) for CSS animation for ages. Now we’re starting to see some show up in browsers! The latest version of Canary now has controls to globally slow down and pause animation right from Dev Tools. It’s such a huge help for both designing and troubleshooting your animations.

To try these out for yourself in Canary, open up Dev Tools and go to Styles tab under Elements. Look for the play button in the far right and you’re off to the races.

Read more from the source: valhead.com

Heartbleed, Shellshock and now Poodlebleed: are we safe on the web?

Use this online test to check your server then use Firefox and set security.tls.version.min to 1


Luke Rehmann explains:

Poodlebleed is a vulnerability in the design of SSL version 3.0. Poodle is actually an acronym for Padding Oracle On Downgraded Legacy Encryption. The vulnerability allows the decryption to plaintext of secure connections. The bug was discovered by Google Security Team researcher Bodo Möller in collaboration with Thai Duong and Krzysztof Kotowicz.

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