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Polyfills as a service

Use the latest JavaScript features without worrying about polyfills: include this script tag to automatically polyfill based on browser user agent


Essentially, what you want from a polyfill delivery system is a way of sending one single copy of each of the best polyfills, in the right order (respecting dependencies), to just the browsers that lack a native implementation. The polyfill service does this by reading the User-Agent HTTP header and then using it to find the list of polyfills that are suitable for that browser and its specific version. Typically once a browser version is released, its feature set does not change until its next release.

Get started today with this one line:

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How Tall is Yoda? At UtahJS on 8/19/2014 I gave this Star Wars themed presentation that compares different types of loops

Learn ES5 Array methods and lodash with my walkthrough that shows side-by-side comparisons of practical examples


We’ve come a long way from 2005. PrototypeJS brought us many Array.prototype methods such as #each, #filter, #pluck, #invoke, #any that have inspired ES5 Array methods and lodash methods.

Given an array of objects that you might receive from a database, what do different tasks look like with a regular for loop, jQuery.each, ES5 Array methods and lodash?

Review and try out the code and you’ll learn something about ES5 and lodash–and maybe even Star Wars.

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