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Logic gates tutorial with functional demo

Schabse Laks created working logic gates with a clever use of checkbox inputs, labels, and CSS sibling selectors


Schabse writes:

Logic gates are the basis of all of computing. They take two binary inputs (0/1 or true/false), and result in a binary output whose value depends on the inputs. These gates form the building blocks upon which all computers are built.

Here are the three basic logic gates: AND (true only when both inputs are true), OR (true when either input is true), and XOR (eXclusive or, true only when exactly one input is true, but not both). Click the inputs (square boxes) to see the outputs reflect the values.

Check it out at silon.slaks.net

13 Hardware devices with first-class support for JavaScript

You think JavaScript is just for the web? Get ready for a whirlwind of devices that will tickle your JavaScript fancy


Patrick Catanzariti of sitepoint.com looks at 13 devices and microcontrollers that run JavaScript.

1. Ninja Sphere home automation device

2. Leap Motion’s in-air hand gesutres

3. Pebble Watch, the e-paper smart watch

4. Oculus Rift VR Headset

5. Cylon robotics framework for Leap Motion, Pebble Watch, Arduinos, Raspberry Pis and more

6. Arduino YUN (pictured), a microcontroller that runs Linux and Node.js

7. Spark OS and the Spark Core with their official JavaScript SDK

8. Tessel, a microcontroller that runs JavaScript itself and supports thousands of Node.js packages

9. Espruino, an event-based microcontroller that injects JavaScript commands in real time

10. Intel Galileo, Intel’s full-featured microcontroller board which supports full Linux and Node.js via SD-card

11. Google Cardboard, a low-budget VR experience using cardboard googles with an Android device

12. Myo Armband which detects hand gestures from electrical activity in your muscles

13. Nest’s high tech thermostat and smoke alarm allows you to program against their API using JavaScript

Read more from the source: SitePoint