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HTML5 Prefetch: predict users actions and optimistically load resources ahead of time for better performance

Use HTML to tell the browser to prefetch content or even prerender a page


DNS prefetching is supported by IE9+ and all other major browsers.

Amazon.com is already using dns prefetching on its web site:

Subresource prefetching is supported by Chrome. Example:

Content prefetching is supported by IE10+, Chrome and Firefox. Example:

Page prerendering is supported by IE11 and Chrome.

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Mathias Bynens | 3.14 things I didn’t know about CSS | CSS Day

An insightful dive into the gnarly corner cases of CSS


This talk will showcase a series of obscure CSS fun facts, such as CSS syntax gimmicks and quirks, weird tricks that involve CSS in one way or another, and security vulnerabilities that are enabled by (ab)using CSS in unexpected ways.

Oddities include styling one-line HTML documents, sending CSS in an HTTP header, using CSS to execute Cross Site Scripting attacks in IE10 or older, malicious CSS and stealing form data.

Watch the presentation on Vimeo

Can I use, an indispensable developer tool for looking up browser compatibility for various CSS3 and HTML5 features, got a makeover!

caniuse.com gets a new design and fancy filters that are super useful


From their blog post:

After a long time of working on the beta.caniuse.com site, I’m happy to finally push everything to the main site. Everything seems to be working pretty well, but if there are any issues, please let me know.

The search seems faster and the tables look nicer. There is a slider to control which browser versions to show based on percent of usage. Plus you can filter usage numbers by geography or import data from your own Google Analytics account. Boom!

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