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Node.js Foundation releases Node v4.0.0 (Stable)

io.js has completed its mission: Node v4 was released this week!


The collaborators of the Node.js project and the members of the Node.js Foundation are proud to offer v4.0.0 for general release. This release represents countless hours of hard work encapsulated in both the Node.js project and the io.js project that are now combined in a single codebase. The Node.js project is now operated by a team of 44 collaborators, 15 of which form its Technical Steering Committee (TSC). Further, over 100 new individuals have been added to the list of people contributing code to core since v0.12.7.

Node.js v4.0.0 contains V8 v4.5, the same version of V8 shipping with the Chrome web browser today. This brings with it many bonuses for Node.js users, most notably a raft of new ES6 features that are enabled by default including block scoping, classes, typed arrays (Node’s Buffer is now backed by Uint8Array), generators, Promises, Symbols, template strings, collections (Map, Set, etc.) and, new to V8 v4.5, arrow functions.

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Unforked: io.js v3 sets stage for Node.js merger

io.js v3 is essentially a beta release of Node.js v4 with significant updates including many ES6 features


Paul Krill writes:

Compatible with npm, io.js was spawned as a fork of Node.js late last year after disagreements arose over Node’s direction. Everything was smoothed over this spring, and the two factions, which had many of the same participants, agreed to reunite. “The governance of io.js and Node.js have already converged, all that is left is the technical side, and io.js v3 is a significant step towards completing it,” said Mikeal Rogers, who has served as a spokesman for io.js, in an email.

“Developers need to know about io.js v3 because it’s a significant change to the native side of the platform they’ll need to understand in order to prepare for Node.js v4,” Rogers said. He also noted version 3.0.0’s status as the likely last release line for the platform.

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Node project spinoff Io.js is moving to the Node.js Foundation, with a merge in progress

Forks work! The node codebase is stepping down; the recent fork io.js will be the new node


In a major step toward reconciliation with the open-source project for trendy server-side JavaScript framework Node.js, the technical committee in charge of the Io.js group, which split off from the Node project several months ago, today voted to join the Node.js Foundation.

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JavaScript I/O Brings ES6 to the Node Community

Are you sad that Joyent isn’t forward thinking with node.js? Start using io.js, a community-driven fork of node.js


io.js is a JavaScript platform built on Chrome’s V8 runtime. This project began as a fork of Joyent’s Node.js™ and is compatible with the npm ecosystem.

Why? io.js aims to provide faster and predictable release cycles. It currently merges in the latest language, API and performance improvements to V8 while also updating libuv and other base libraries.

This project aims to continue development of io.js under an ” open governance model” as opposed to corporate stewardship.

io.js has moved to Semver. The choice to release as 1.0.x was not to signify that io.js should be considered production-ready, but because it was a significant enough release from Node.js™ to warrant a major version increment.

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