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webpack 4: released

Webpack now has zero-configuration modes and is significantly faster.


Webpack 4: released today!!✨ Codename: Legato Today we’re happy to announce that webpack 4 is available today! You can get it via yarn or npm using: $> yarn add webpack webpack-cli -dev or $> npm i webpack webpack-cli -save-dev Why Legato? We wanted to start a new tradition by giving each of our major releases a codename! Therefore, we decided to give this privilege to our largest OpenCollective sponsor: trivago! So we reached out and here was their response: [At trivago] we usually give our projects a name with a musical theme.

Legato means to play each note in sequence without gaps.

Webpack bundles our entire frontend app together, without gaps (JS, CSS.

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Webpack 3: Official Release

Just when we moved fully to Webpack 2, Webpack 3 comes out with scope hoisting and magic comments


After we released webpack v2, we made some promises to the community. We promised that we would deliver the features you voted for. Moreover, we promised to deliver them in a faster, more stable release cycle.

No more year-long betas, no breaking changes between release candidates. We promised to do you right by you, the community that makes webpack thrive.

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