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My name is Ken Snyder.

Ken at Bear Lake, Utah

I’m a Software Engineer out of Salt Lake City, Utah. I’ve been writing code since I was 8, where I started drawing circles and lines in Basic on an IBM PC with four-color monitor. I’ve been writing web applications since 2004. I’m on of those dinosaurs who has war stories of the early IE6 days.

I am a JavaScript Enthusiast specializing in web technologies such as Remix, React, TypeScript, Node.JS, Bun, Postgres, and MySQL.

I’m am a founder and Principal Engineer of Shoreline, a patient engagement platform for healthcare providers. We enable clinicians to send individualized patient education via EHR, email, and text message.

I am a Co-founder of UtahJS, an educational non-profit aimed at connecting JavaScript Engineers and promoting JavaScript in Utah. UtahJS has monthly meetups and annual conferences.

Connect with me on LinkedIn and check out my Open Source work on GitHub and npm.