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Ember.js: Ember.js 2.0 Released

Updated: at 06:09 PM

Ember 2.0 is out! It adds no features but drops deprecated cruft and enjoys speed improvements with shiny new internals.

Ember 2.0 is not a traditional major release. After thirteen point releases in almost two years, we’re taking a turn to focus entirely on sweeping out built-up cruft as a foundation for continued progress.

Ember 2.0 only removes features that were deprecated as of Ember 1.13, so apps that run on Ember 1.13 without any deprecation warnings should run without issues on Ember 2.0.

New applications should begin using Ember 2.0 today. Apps requiring Ember-Data should use Ember-Data 2.0.0-beta.1 (2.0 release coming shortly!).

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