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Introducing Four: It's WebGL, but Easier

Updated: at 08:35 PM

Develop 3D content for the web with low-level abstractions such as shaders, framebuffers and texture and enjoy higher-level APIs for camera, lighting, and materials

Jason Petersen writes:

Over the past three years working in the realms of web-based physics simulations using WebGL, I have realized the lack of a web-based physics engine. This is probably due to the large amounts of data manipulation required to do this. To address this problem, I started to develop Four.

Four is a framework to develop 3D content for the web. It lets you avoid the burden of repetition and complexity to speed up and simplify the development while exposing the flexibility of the WebGL API. This is done by exposing several layers, each built on the top of the previous one, that give you access to a different level of abstraction. Depending on your needs, you can access the most basic level or a higher one. This allows you, as the developer, to focus on what is important: getting something on the screen.

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