Skip to content - jspm is a package manager built on top of the ES6 module loader that loads any module format: ES6, AMD, CommonJS, and... browser global variables

Updated: at 09:32 PM

jspm: A strong contender for a JavaScript package manager that is friendly to node and the browser

jspm extends package.json and supports loading modules from npm, directly from GitHub or from a browser global variable. Plugins are available that really make it extendable to any module system.

You use the familiar require() syntax but with prefixes such as “npm:” and “github:“. In the module itself, you can use various methods of exports, including ES6 export syntax. ES6 import is also supported via transpiling.


var collections = require(‘npm:lodash-node/modern/collections’); var $ = require(‘github:components/jquery’); $(document.body).html(collections.max([1,2,3,4]));