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Make Your Own AngularJS, Part 1: Scopes And Digest

Updated: at 04:20 PM

Don’t quite grasp AngularJS dirty checking? Walk through creating a clone of AngularJS step by step with Tero Parviainen

Tero Parviainen, Independent Software Maker, walks through creating an AngularJS clone one function at a time.

This part 1 article covers $eval, $digest, and $apply and how the digest cycle works and how it handles watchers.

From the article:

While the Angular documentation is getting very good, and there’s an increasing number of third-party resources, there’s really no better way to really learn a technology than to take it apart and see what makes it tick.

In this article series, I’m going to build an implementation of AngularJS from the ground up. As I take you through it step by step, you’ll gain a deep understanding of exactly how Angular works.