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The Difference Between "Remote" and "Remote-First" -- ReadThink (by HubSpot)

Updated: at 04:35 PM

Remote-First: a company culture that hires without regard to location, with a culture of productivity to match

Thoughts on building a remote culture, from a remote CEO.

Paul Farnell, CEO of Litmus writes:

One misconception about remote work is that it hinders collaboration. In my experience, the inverse is more likely: offices hinder independent work. Collaboration tends to happen in short bursts, followed by longer periods of writing, designing, coding and thinking. It’s more important to give employees quiet time than it is to cram them into an open office.

Litmus is a remote company with a collective 15,000 square feet of office space. That might sound crazy, but I believe offices afford some benefits that distributed work simply can’t replace.

We’ve had a remote-first mindset since the beginning, but we’ve also always had some kind of office space for meetings, collaboration and socializing. First it was a little corner of coworking space, then a small office and eventually a full-fledged HQ.

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