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The Monty Hall Rewrite

Updated: at 10:13 PM

The advantage of writing your app in the latest hip framework is more about your being years better at programming and having years more time to consider the app’s exact requirements

Alex Sexton writes

Throw away any assumptions or knowledge of tools that you have and purely consider that if you are switching, rewriting, or refactoring, you are now n years better at programming than you were when you initially wrote the software.

Now factor in that you’ve had x years more time to consider the exact problem that you’re trying to solve as well as rid yourself of uninformed assumptions. When going in for the rewrite, you have a much clearer picture of what a successful product looks like, purely because of the initial app. You know to abstract certain parts of the code that need to grow, and to externalize other parts that you know you won’t be able to support indefinitely.