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Upgrading from WordPress to Astro

Published: at 05:55 AM

With Astro’s feature set and templates, I converted and redesigned my blog in a few hours

This weekend I took down my old WordPress blog and replaced it with a new static site built with Astro.

It all started when I could not access my WordPress admin area. After many hours of trying to set up a working user, I gave up.

I had heard Astro was a great choice for static sites, and it definitely is. It has features that you might think only work with a database and a server: search, indexing by tag and RSS. Here is a breakdown.

Things I like:

  1. Starter template has everything I need including sensible styling, clean layout, and icons.
  2. Clear, extensive instructions on how to make common changes
  3. Comes with code syntax highlighting built in
  4. Hot reloading is very nice and very quick
  5. Comes with a workflow to deploy to Cloudflare Pages
  6. Looks good on mobile out of the box

Things I dislike:

  1. Tailwind CSS. I really love traditional CSS and grew up with the philosophy that CSS Zen Garden espouses. So coming in, I was skeptical of Tailwind. It turned out to be way worse than I thought. It feels like a whole new programming language with esoteric variable and function names. And it takes so much longer to figure out where and what to change to give the desired look. 0/10 would not recommend. I have no clue how it could work in a large team.
  2. Using a custom font requires changing values in several places

Overall, it’s been great and I look forward to writing articles regularly again!