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Rubber Duck Problem Solving: "Ask the Duck" is a very powerful problem solving technique

Updated: at 06:15 PM

I explained Rubber Duck Programming to some coworkers and loved Jeff Atwood’s article on the subject

Jeff Atwood of Coding Horror writes:

I love this particular story because it makes it crystal clear how the critical part of rubber duck problem solving is to totally commit to asking a thorough, detailed question of this imaginary person or inanimate object. Yes, even if you end up throwing the question away because you eventually realize that you made some dumb mistake. The effort of walking an imaginary someone through your problem, step by step and in some detail, is what will often lead you to your answer. If you aren’t willing to put the effort into fully explaining the problem and how you’ve attacked it, you can’t reap the benefits of thinking deeply about your own problem before you ask others to.

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